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Name: The name of the Society shall be “Indian Psychiatric Society, Assam State Branch" and its activities shall extend to the whole of Assam.


Aims and Objectives:
(a) To promote positive mental health by educating public in matters of mental health and mental hygiene.
(b) To promote prevention, control, treatment and relief of all psychiatric disabilities.
(c) To formulate and advise on the standards of education and training for medical and auxiliary personnel in psychiatry and to recommend adequate teaching facilities for the purpose.
(d) To promote research in the field of psychiatry and mental health.
(e) To propagate the Principles of Psychiatry and current developments in psychiatric thought.
(f) To prepare, print and publish any papers or periodicals in furtherance of the aims and objects of the Society and contribute to any such periodicals.
(g) To co-operate with professional and other sciences including joining other societies and institutional or corporate member.
(h) To advise the Government and other bodies on the various aspects of psychiatry and mental health whenever necessary.


In the following passages -
(a) “Assam Society" shall mean the Assam Psychiatric Society
(b) “Member" shall be an inclusive term embracing all categories of members.


(a) Ordinary Membership:- Registered Medical Practitioners under Schedule I or II or part II of schedule III of Indian Medical Act (1956), who are actively engaged in the pursuit of the aims and objects of the society shall be eligible for Oridinary Membership.
(b) Life Membership:- Those who are eligible to be member can become Life Members by psying the life membership Subscription.
(c) Associate Membership:- Workers in allied fields of social, education, psychological, legal and medical science who are interested in the aims and objects of the Society are eligible for Associate Membership.
(d) Student Membership:- Those who are eligible for Ordinary Membership but are bona-fide students of a post-graduate Institution in psychiatry or allied subjects of psychiatry can be admitted as Student & allied subjects of psychiatry. Members at a reduced rate of subscription. This Student Membership will, however, cease. When they pass out and then they will become Ordinary Members. Student Members will have the same rights and privileges as Ordinary Members.
(e) Honorary Membership:- Distinguished persons who have made valuable contributions towards promotion of mental health are eligible for Honorary Membership.
(f) Corresponding Membership:- Eminent psychiatrist of other countries who are well-known for their contributions or services in the field of psychiatry and mental health are eligible for Corresponding Membership.
(g) Corporate Membership:- Members of Voluntary Societies whose aims abd objects are to promote Mental health & hygiene shall be eligible for Corporate Membership.


Election of members :-
Section-1. Any person desirous of becoming an Ordinary Member or an Associate Member shall make an application to the Honorary General Secretary in the prescribed form. After his name has been proposed and seconded by two members of the Society, his application will be set up for consideration and election by the Council.


Admission fees and dues:- Every member shall pay as admission fees and annual subscription such sums as prescribed below except that this will not be applicable to the Corresponding Members and Honorary Members, who will have no financial assets or liabilities to the Society.

Admission fee - Rs. 20.00
Annual subscription - Rs. 25.00
Associate Member - Rs. 15.00
Student Member - Rs. 10.00
Life Membership - Rs. 250.00


Termination of Membership :-
Section : 1
A person shall cease to be a member of the Society if his name is removed from the register. The name of the person shall be removed from the register by the Council under the following circumstances.
(a) On his death.
(b) On his resignation. The resignation of any member from the Society shall be in writing addressed to the General Secretary with a copy to the President and shall be accepted by the Council provided he has paid all his dues to the Society up to date.
(c) If his subscriptions are in arrears for three years and he has not paid in spite of a final notice regarding his fees from the General Secretary or HonoraryTreasurer.


Election of Office-bearers and the Council Members :-
Section: 1
Election of the Office bearers, namely President, Vice-President, Honorary General Secretary, Jt. Secretary, Honoray Treasurer, shall be held at the Annual General Body Meeting of the Society.


Tenure of the Society :-
Section : 1
The new Office-bearers and the new Members of the Council shall resume office from the time of the Annual General Body Meeting in which they are elected. The out going Office-bearers shall hand over charges of their office and all the papers, etc. relegated with their respective offices within 3 weeks of the Annual General Body Meeting in which new office-bearers have been elected.
Section : 2
A year in matter of term of office means the period between two consecutive Annual General Body Meeting.


Duties of the President :-
Section : 1
(a) The President shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.
(b) He shall be the Chairman of all the General Body, Extra-Ordinary General Body and Council Meetings and if and when appointed, of any other committees.
(c) He shall regulate the proceedings of the Meetings and Conferences, interpret rules and regulations and decide doubtful points at issue.
(d) He shall preserve order and shall decide on all points of order at or in connection with the meeting. There shall be no discussion on any points of orer and the decision of the President shall be final.
(e) He shall be consulted on all important matters concerning the affairs of the Society.
Duties of the Vice-President :-
Section : 2
(a) The Vice-President, who will also be the President for succeeding year wil hold office for one year.
(b) He shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and shall all the powers of the President on that occasion. He shall also function as President in the absence of the President till the next formal election of the President.
Duties of the Honorary General Secretary :-
Section : 3
(a) The Honorary General Secretary shall hold office for two years at a stretch and shall be eligible for re-election at the end of this period.
(b) The Honorary General Secretary shall be responsible for the office work and correspondence. He shall organize and convene all meetings, conferences, lectures and demonstrations. He shall prepare and Annual Report to be laid before the Annual Meeting. He shall be ex-officio member of all Committees.
Duties of the Joint Secretary :-
He shall work in association and in consultation with the General Secretary. He shall also shoulder responsibilities of the General Secretary in absence of the General Secretary.
Duties of the Honorary Treasurer :-
Section : 4
(a) The Honorary Treasurer shall hold office for two years at a stretch and shall be eligible for re-election at the end this period.
(b) He shall be responsible for collection of subscriptions donations from members and well-wishers of the Society.
(c) He shall sign the receipts and prepare statement of income and expenditure of the Society duly audited by a registered auditor before Annual General Body Meeting each year and shall present the same at the Annual Meeting.
(d) He shall submit a general statement of account at every Council Meeting.
(e) All payments shall be made the Treasurer at the instance of the General Secretary.
(f) The Treasurer shall open an account with a Bank in favour of “Assam Psychiatric Society" and shall have authority to operate this account for the expenses of the Society.


Executive Council : Powers and Functions
Section : 1
The Executive Council of the Society shall be a Council and shall not exceed ten in number.
Section : 2
The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Jt. Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of the Council.
Section : 3
The Council may meet for the transaction of business, and otherwise regulate its meetings and proceedings as it thinks fit. Three members shall constitute a quorum.
Section : 4
Every meeting of the Council shall be presided over by the President, in his absence by the Vice-President and in the absence of both the President and the Vice-President by a member chosen at the meeting to preside on the occasion.
Section : 5
The council shall have powers to appoint sub-committees as and when necessary. Any sub-committee may co-opt as members thereof, such persons who have ex-perience in matters to be dealt by it. Suck co-opted members need not be members of Society.
Section : 6
The Council shall have powers to frame Bye-laws consistent with the constitution.


Responsibilities of the Members :-
A member whose name has been entered in the Register is obliged to accept the Constitution and Bye-laws of the Society and follow them. No one shall be absolved on the plea that he has not received a copy of the Constitution and Bye-laws of the Society.


Office of the Society :-
The Office of the Society shall be situated at the place of office of the Secretary. It shall be the duty of the retiring Secretary to hand over the property, books etc. to the newly elected Secretary within three weeks after the election.
Similarly, it will be the duty of the retiring Treasurer to hand over, cash, account-books and other papers and documents connected with work of the Treasurer of the Socirty, to the newly elected Treasurer within three weeks after the election.


Rights enjoyed by the Society :-
(a) To purchase or acquire on lease or otherwise of any moveable or immoveable property necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society.
(b) To sell, improve, manage, develop, transfer or dispose of any such property of the Society.
(c) To collect, manage and disburse as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects or any of them which are subsidiary to the said objects.


Calling of the Annual General Body Meeting :-
Section : 1
The date and venue for the Annual General Body Meeting shall be proposed by the Council and decided at the Annual General Meeting.
Section : 2
The Society may hold its deliberations along with any other Society if considered desirable but it must meet as an independent body.
Section : 3
The business to be transacted at the meeting shall be taken up in the following order :-
(a) Confirmation of the minutes of the proceeding Annual General Body Meeting.
(b) Reading and adoption of the Secretary’s Report.
(c) Reading and adoption of the Treasurer’s report and a statement of audited accounts.
(d) Election of Office-bearers and Council Members in place of the retiring members.
(e) Amendments to rules, if any.
(f) Appointment of Auditors.
(g) Resolution from members.
(h) Any other business with the permission of the Chair.
Section : 4
The minutes of the proceedings of the General Body Meeting shall be recorded in a book kept for the purpose and shall be signed by the President of the meeting or at the meeting in which are read any confirmed.
Section : 5
The Annual General Body Meeting shall always coincide with Annual Conference. In case of National Emergency or if due to other unprecedented reason the AGB Meeting cannot be held at the time of the Annual Conference, the Council may sanction appropriate advance not exceeding Rs. 200.00 for making arrangements for the AGB meeting, to the General Secretary or any other Office-bearer entrusted by the council to arrange the meeting.


Amendment to the Constitution :-
Section : 1
Amendments to the Constitution may be made at the Annual General Body Meeting or at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting after adequate notice (which shal l not be less than one month) is given.
Section : 2
Resolutions for amendment may be proposed by any member of the Society, who shall inform the Secretary of his desire to do so and send a copy of the draft resolution to the Secretary for consideration by the Council.


Extraordinary General Meeting :-
An extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time of the year on the requisition of majority of the Council or 20% of the members.
Section : 1
Nothing except the business for which it is called shall be discussed at this meeting.
Section : 2
Ten days notice of Extraordinary meeting with the agenda shall be given to the members.


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